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Straight edge trimming machine MXZ5125A

Characteristic:Convenient operation, simple structure, stable running, fine adjustment with accuracy digital display and cutter retraction automatically by cylinder adjustment.




    Adopt different types of router bit, horizontal movement on linear guide rail.



    PLC control panel


    Linear guide rail imported from German


    Segmented fence with pressing block ,securingworkpiece during operation







     Max. working length

     2500 mm

     Max. working thickness

     120 mm

     Max. working width

     520 mm

     Spindle dia.

     35 mm

     Spindle speed

     90000 r/min

     Cutter diameter(thickness)

     130-160 mm(50-30mm)

     Working table size

     3550x500 mm

     Processing speed


     Total power

     7 kw

     Dust exit

     100 mm

     Air consumption

     0.6 MPa

     Net weight

     1150 kg

     Overall dimensions

     3250x1000x1300 mm