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Service System

Foremost and Well-rounded Service Concept

    NEW MAS has set up after-sales service hubs nationwide with an integrated service system and unified after-sales service standard. The service teams always improve themselves, reluctantly change and reform for the better, but remain loyal and effective all along. Persisting in service and satisfaction next to perfection, the kind of loyalty and enthusiasm came from our service culture and positive thinking establishment. It is not just like traditional way of technical support, but has already improved to a well-rounded service mold from pre-sales service, changing service attitude from on-request passive to well-managed database active service.

    Professional Engineering Service teams

    The engineering service department of NEW MAS is a team with high skill and practical experience for installation and maintenance, with regional stations spreading all over the nation. The staff of the team must pass through the technical training courses with strict examination. For customers’ daily installation, adjustment or maintenance, they provide considerate services strictly according to the NEW MAS service standard.

    .Fast Response: From passive to active, immediately analysis and feedback customers’ requirement.

    .Professional Detail: To meet all customers’ requirement, next to perfection.

    .Comprehensive Technology: Total solution, expansion and prevention.

As an excellent technical team in NEW MAS, the engineering service departments continuously proceed training and expanding in order to provide better service and peace of mind to all clients.

    Comprehensive Systematic Service Network

    Through the chain-store service mode, NEW MAS has its service networks everywhere. We lay down a strict and systematic service standard for each service and sales hub with unified training and direction. In addition, we have regional engineer long stay at the hubs for technical supports, training and practicing. The technicians and salesmen must have annual assessment to keep up with our service standard and requirement.

Being a direct server facing with customers is an important part for the enhancement and development of NEW MAS. We will set up a higher standard with strong technical support and backup, let every single NEW MAS customer exactly enjoys the high quality service from place to place.