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Company History

Culture inherits brand name, Credibility builds NEW MAS.

NEW MAS has made a strong, firmer and vaster space for the future during these 20 years. All the staff will be full of confidence and courage to meet the reform, to inherit the brand culture, to promote the development. Glory was recorded in history, and fineness was written at once.

  • 1994   MAS Woodworking Machinery factory was established
  • 1997   The chairman of the board, Mr.Ma Bingqing , was elected as the 1st president of Lunjiao Woodwording Machinery Chamber of Commerce.
       The 1st high speed spindle inspection"clean room" in china.
  • 1998   Awarded as Advanced Enterprise in Guangdong province.
       The most efficient shaper assemblt line in the world.
  • 1999   Invented the first digital control temoning machien in the world and was awarded as  "New and Hi-tech Eenterprise of Shunde City."
  • 2000   Rip saw, a cooperated effort with Taiwan enterprise.
       Sliding table saw, a cooperated effort with CASADEI.

       Set up the "Wood Processing and Woodworking machiner Design & Research Institute."

      Apprpove the ISO9000 international quality assurance system certification.

  • 2001   Successful launching a series of advanced woodworking machinery and equipment in cooperation with ltalian company P.BACCI.
       Major technicians dispatched to ltaly for further study.

  • 2002   MAS iporthed a lot of internationally advanced machining equipments; developed fully automatic feeding six-row boring machine.
  • 2003   Shunde High Speed Woodworking Machinery Emgineering Technology Research & Development Center was founded.
  • 2004   Digital control tenoning machine won silver prize in the trade fair.
  • 2005   Awarded as one of the Top Woodworking Machinery Enterprises in Shunde District.

      One of the taxpaying enterprise in Lunjiao

       Leads the technology domestic precision sliding table industrise.

  • 2006   So far, MEW MAS has manufactured nearly 200,000 shaper & saw.
  • 2007   Normated as the United nation supplier.

      Awarding CE Certificate from CCQS UK LTD assessment.

       CenterSliding Table Saw in selected as Guangdong brand-name product.

  • 2008   2007Good faith demonstration enterprise in Guangdong province.
      2007   Exeellent own brand in Guangdong province

       MAS as the famous trademark in Guangdong province.

  • 2010   No.3 province measurement assurance system.
      Innovative enterprises of Guangdong Furniture Association.

       Launched Automatic Multi-head multi-hole boring machine

       Lunched MJK6233 Automatic beam saw.

       launched MCK3016 NC-turning lathe.

  • 2011    Sliding table saw rewards CE certifi cate.
      launched MSK3724 NC-mortiser machine 

       Top ten enterprises in indepentdent innovation.

  • 2012   Launched MDK2212 Double-end NC mortise 
      Awarding one of the "Dragon Enterprise."

       Standardized enterprise.

  • 2013   launched MZZ7315x8
      Launched MSK3724x2

       Launched MSK3725x2

  • 2000 to now  products gain more than 40 national patents.